Simple, Dependable, Fire Starters

After years of exploring the remote and often inhospitable backcountry of British Columbia, Canada. Father and son adventurers decided to share their favourite, reliable, go to fire starter with the world.

By updating an old fire method used by miners and fur traders from Canada's rugged past, we have created a no nonsense, rugged utility candle that produces a large flame that can even burn through snow and ice. Unlike typical lighters and matches, Candle-Rope will not overheat or blow out in windy conditions.

Whether you're gold mining in the Yukon or climbing the highest peaks of Patagonia, rest assured knowing Candle-Rope will light under the most demanding circumstances. 

Our products are manufactured in Canada, comprising of only the finest, high quality materials and components sourced from both Canada and the United States. We take pride in manufacturing domestically which gives us the ability to keep stricter quality controls and keeping fellow Canadians employed.

Thank you for your interest 

Greg and Brian.

Winter Ready

Burns Through snow & ice.


Great for first-aid kits.

Water Resistant

All weather outdoor candles.